The Absence of Sight

Seeing is believing, but for many people this is impossible. Their eyes do not function and they cannot see anything....


The Daily Struggle

No matter what a person's disability is, they must learn to cope with it on a daily basis. Many people...


The Quiet Disability

Hearing loss is an unseen disability. Many people who suffer with it are not immediately recognized as disabled. Depending on...

It is easy enough to understand a person has a disability when they are missing a limb. What is difficult to see are the invisible disabilities. These take the form of chronic fatigue syndrome, profound hearing loss or deafness and the chronic pain of diseases such as fibromyalgia. None of these ailments are seen just by looking at a person, yet they are very disabling in many cases. People who have them must learn to cope with both their issue and the world. It is not always easy and unseen often equates to less assistance and understanding.